Dating update w/c Jan 2/17

They say you should start the year the way you hope to continue and I was determined to do just that.  This week was a solid 4 date week, I agreed to meet 6 new men and 4 of them succeeded in locking me down for a date.  Here is the recap of this week’s dating:

  • First date – Tue 3rd Jan – Met on Badoo (I think) I honestly didn’t remember this guy at all but he was texting me on my dating phone so I agreed to meet him. He seemed very average in looks, job, and interests.  When he informed me he shared a ROOM (not a flat) with his brother and hoped that in 4 – 5 years’ time he would be able to afford a place in the outskirts of London with his brother my ovaries shrivelled up. He asked me out again but I’ve ignored the message.
  • First date – Wed 4th Jan (5:30pm) – Tinder nickname Prince2 as his opening line was wanting to be my Prince2 since I worked in project management (it is a project management joke). Picked a nice spot to meet and it was a pleasant first meeting. I am worried that his isn’t particularly ambitious and has coasted along in life on privilege and above average intelligence.  He asked me out again and I’m hoping to see him this coming Wed.
  • First date – Wed 4th Jan (7pm) – Tinder – I was instantly attracted to him but he didn’t have a lot of substance. I found myself fairly bored on the date and have discovered he has subsequently unmatched me so feeling was mutual.
  • First date – Fri 6th Jan (8pm) – HAppn – Wasn’t sure I would be attracted to him but I was in spite of his 5ft6” height. He opted for my now favourite wine bar / coffee shop and after inquiring my preference in wine ordered a bottle of my favourite and a bunch of nibbles which I consumed while he talked and talked and talked. I struggled to end the date in 2 hrs and we did end up going about 10 mins over.  However, it was one of my best first date experiences thus far and a great start to 2017 and a brilliant end to my first week of the year.  He too has asked me out again and I’m hoping to arrange something with him soon.

Overall I’m ahead with 4 first dates under my belt.  I’ve also managed to get to the gym 3 time and yoga studio twice this week so feeling quite positive.


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