I’m single, never married, no kids, ambitious 30 something woman living the good life in London. I have a successful job, good group of friends, am socially well-adjusted and not seeking a partner for financial or emotional support. In other words I’m picky and Mr. Right needs to be just right, life is too good to compromise for someone unexceptional.

My dating coach once said, like attracts like, so I should write down all the qualities I wanted in a man and then honestly assess if I was able to provide the same back.  Upon completing the exercise I realised I was dating way below my level! I have yet to decide whether I’ve got an inflated sense of self-worth or if I do deserve a man that lives up to the same high standard I impose on myself.

I started “rules” dating in 2016 and have found it a great way to meet a lot more people and feel more confident and hopeful about my prospects of meeting Mr Right in 2017.

Once I got into the rhythm of dating in late 2016 I was routinely going on 2+ dates a week. With the maximum dates in a week being 7. Unfortunately after 40+ dates in 2016 there was no Mr. Right or even a guy I was particularly excited about.  Therefore this year I’ve set myself a challenge of going on 100 first dates, which would mean I meet 2 new men every week until the Christmas break.

I’m secretly hoping that I meet Mr. Right and do not complete my mission.  Hopefully this blog will keep me accountable and maybe provide hope to some others out there looking for love.

Thanks for reading!

Dating Diva xx


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