Dating update w/c Jan 16/17 – YTD first dates 7

Squeaked in my 2 first date quota this week by stacking 2 on Sun so when one bailed I still got my goal for the week. Total dates this week 3:

  • First date – Thurs Jan 19th – Tinder: NEXT – second Italian guy I’ve been on a date with this year.  I do tend to attract them as they have the look I like, dark hair, light eyes and skin that goes tan not red in the sun.  Anyway this one was soooo BETA I really couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I had to actually stand and wait in front of the door before he opened it! I did give him a tip of a great walking club he could join for this troubles, if he follows through he may even meet a more suitable woman.
  • Second date – Fri Jan 20th – Happn: Actually a good date and the best part was he insisted I could leave before the bill arrived so I did. Not sure I’ll hear from him again but wasn’t that fussed.  I would like to write a bit more about “Arnie” and what he taught me about the rules but feeling quite tired today.
  • First date – Sun Jan 22nd – Badoo / Blendr: He delayed the date by an hour and came across as a bit full of himself. Nice eyes and face but a chubby man who stated on the date that he hadn’t been to a gym in 2 year, but and I quote this, “I stay active, walking, driving, generally getting around”.  I couldn’t help it, had to point out that driving wasn’t very active he seemed unfazed.  He has texted to ask me out again so I’ll give him another chance but he is very close to being a next.  Highlight of the date was that as we walked back to the station after the date a guy blatantly took a picture of me. My date proudly proclaimed that there were paparazzi all around snapping me.  For once I met the rules brief of making a guy feel like he is dating a TV star J

I only arranged 4 dates this week and put in minimal effort so it was a good week. Also managed to work out 3 times so winning!

Thanks for reading!!

Dating Diva xx


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