The One and Lonely

Dating update w/c Mar 06/17 – YTD first dates 18

Another really busy week with work, but I agreed to 1 date on Thursday and 4 dates on Friday simply to be able to stack them.  I knew historically at least one would flake.  In the end Thurs rescheduled, 2 Friday dates flaked and one asked to move to next week leaving only one date for this week.

First date – Fri 10th Mar – Tinder – With some renewed interest from my professional pictures I’m getting a lot of personalised messages from men I’m not so keen on, I’m on 9 dating sites & apps and Tinder is the only one where within the rules I can genuinely select who I speak to.  So I’ve decided to get quite picky with my Tindering.  Only men that spark joy in me when they send a message are entertained on Tinder which meant my one and only date of the week was a good’un.

I found him very attractive and actually thought he looked better than his profile pictures, he had a good job, seemed ambitious, a home owner and his hobby was classic cars as he owned one, yay! Another bonus was that he had looked into the university I attended and discovered I was Canadian which showed both interest (flattering) and intelligence.  He cracked me up with the way he complained about my short tinder responses.  He asked me if I like to travel and I simply answered “yes”, not launching into my latest holiday and how much fun I have as a singleton.  He then teased me about how that was my Tinder answer, stating that he hadn’t actually expected me to agree to meet with him.  Anyway, while he was very charming, there were a fair few long pauses in the conversation and I did feel his brain was processing something but I’m not sure that the churning wheels were leading to a conclusion I would want.  At the end of the date I got the distinct feeling I’d not be hearing from him again.  Which is a shame but at least it was a lovely way to end a very long week!

Thanks for reading,

Dating Diva xx


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