Getting caught up over the last month

Dating update w/c Mar 20/17 – Apr 17/17 YTD first dates 22

So, a month has flown by with work taking over my life to the point that in the past month I worked over night on 3 different nights plus every weekend.  But I still managed to squeeze in a few first dates!  Overall we are 33% of the way through the year so I’m almost 10 dates behind my goal for the year.  I’ve finally finished my key work deliverables and have taken a staycation to get myself back on track.  I fully intend to return back to my weekly updates with a lot more dates each week than I’ve experienced the past month.

Picking up where we left off, my head was pretty giddy from kissing Mr Voice and I wasn’t sure how much restraint I would have.  Fortunately, my will power was never tested.  After our Sunday date he sent me some sweet nothing messages on Monday which I ignored, then on Tuesday he messaged, “Hey you wanna come for dinner this weekend?” I decided to also ignore this as it wasn’t an acceptable offer given last week I’d already expressed my preference to go out.  Next text was “guess you don’t wanna meet anymore?” so I replied “meeting sounds great”. Annoyingly he once again offered to cook me dinner so I replied, “sounds lovely but I’d feel more comfortable going out”.  To which the insensitive jerk replied, “I’m not gonna lock you up in a basement lol” followed by, “are you free Saturday night?” The back and forth had used up the week and as he was asking on Thursday for Saturday in the most unromantic way so I decided to dead zone him early.

Both my rules and non-rules girlfriends agreed that he was asking me out properly for Sat, so on Sun, after another prompt for a response from him I replied, “Crazy busy, Saturday works” which he took to mean next Sat and asked if I’d be happy to meet at 8pm.  Once again I was not pleased as a guy super keen to see me would not be pushing to that late in the evening unless he wanted to put minimal effort to get me back to his place.  I simply answered, “sure” and didn’t hear from him the rest of the week.  On Saturday when I had given up on the date I received the “Are we still meeting tonight” text, once again I replied “sure”, as no effort had been made to plan a date I wasn’t excited about the prospects.  This was good as the next message from him was “ok cool 🙂 Do you have my address?” I decided it was too disrespectful to reply to so that was when Mr. Voice definitively nexted himself and he hasn’t had a reply from me since.

First date – Sun 2nd April – Tinder: Forced myself to put on the amazing outfit I’d planned for the night before to go on a duty date.  Within 15 mins the guy had informed me he had “lost” his home as he’d been unemployed for a period of time and now lived rent free in some warehouse, attractive I think not. 20 minutes into the date I learnt he was a smoker which is a deal breaker. As soon as I’d finished my drink 45mins in I got up and left.

First date – Tue 11th April – POF: First ever POF date since I started doing the rules, in 10+ years of using POF on again / off again, I’ve been on a total of 3 dates from the site including this one. Not sure why when everyone else I know that is out there dating raves about this as a top free site, I’ve had no luck at all on it.  Before my date I shared the ugly mugshot of my date with two friends I’ve made though my coach.  To my chagrin both had spoken to my date and one had been on two dates with him.  They shared their experience so I was ready to give the guy his 90mins of duty date time.  He looked as sad as his picture and was a little short of a full set.  Insisted on buying me dinner, seemed sweet and pleasant enough.  He seemed very impressed that I lived with a friend in my own place, even though I’d told him I was renting and it was a house share.  So when the topic was brought up again by him, I asked about his living arrangements.  Turned out this 41 year old man, who has never married, still lived with his parents.  He briefly moved out to live with friends but when that didn’t work out, and he was vague about the details on why, he returned home.  I decided I didn’t want dessert and made tracks as soon as he’d paid the bill.

First date – Thurs 20th April – Badoo: Between working solid for 12 – 20 hours I’d occasionally swipe and message men and this one managed to arrange a date.  Overall he was better looking than I’d expected, while a bit huskier than my usual type I was attracted to him.  He made me laugh and we had a nice date.  Had I heard from him again I’d have agreed to see him again but I never did and honestly I’m not disappointed.

Yep, went from having 3 – 4 dates in a week to 3 in a month.  But have been running out of swipes on tinder again and hope to get back on track very soon.

Thanks for reading!

Dating Diva xx


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