To date or not to date

Dating update w/c April 24/17 – YTD first dates 23

With another weekend spent at work there was not a lot of swiping or online presence to generate dates this week.  A few guys managed to get in touch and three dates were arranged. One on Tuesday, didn’t set a location and messaged the next day to say he hadn’t seen I’d accepted his date offer last week!  He then asked me for a last minute date for prime time Friday night and in my head I just thought, dude you are not traditionally attractive, you have a profile picture where your acne is plainly visible and you blew your one shot at a date by failing to follow though how dare you think you deserve a prime Friday night slot?  Seriously do you think that given I agreed to date your ugly mug I’m so desperate that I’d be sat at home on a Friday night?

My Thursday night date did materialise, though the day before when he called to arrange details he mentioned he worked as a chauffeur and that just put me right off, blue collar is another deal breaker for me and this too has been coach approved.  That said I’d committed to writing this blog and no dates equals no blogs so I decided to take my new extensions for a test drive.

Made a last ditch attempt to rouse up dates on Thursday which was the first day of my staycation, however, my date for Sunday of this week bailed with a lame excuse of “not having slept well.”  This is the second time I’ve had this happen, a very average guy that seems super keen to take me out bails on the day or just before.  I like to believe that they are so surprised that a beautiful woman has agreed to date their average arse that they convince themselves something is wrong.  It is easier to believe this than to think even the lame average guys don’t want to date me.  When the really good looking ones bail I decide it is because they are spoiled by women that pander to their needs and not keen enough to put it the effort.  Whatever I need to say to myself to stay positive.

First date – Thurs 27th April – Badoo: We met at my local tube station and he informed me that the bar next to the station was full which I read as being too pricey for the chauffeur because nothing in my area is ever really full and this bar is quite large. We went to a blue collar pub in the grimmer end of my neighbourhood, which I’m sure was more comfortable for him. Overall seemed like a well-rounded guy that was doing the best he could for himself.  He informed me he had recently purchased a place in a pretty decent part of town with a friend.  This I though was quite impressive until I learned it was an ex-local authority, one bed flat that he was sharing with 3 other guys while they converted it into a two bed which he would then share with his mate and his wife.  Oh dear lord that depressed me!  He asked to see me again after the date and as always I said “sure, sounds good” but I’m pretty sure he could sense my heart wasn’t in it as he never followed through.

On Friday, I had a fellow rules girl visit and we talked all sorts of dating strategy.  Then we did our messages and app swiping just before dead zone commenced and I can’t remember the last time I’d laughed so hard as we navigated our messages with a flurry of “great”, “sounds great”, “sure”, “you seem nice”, “good question”, “Thanks”, and “when did you have in mind?”.  Armed with my vison boards and new dating strategy I’m on the prowl for as many dates as I can get in my week off, wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Dating Diva xx


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