Mr Eligible and his contrast

Dating update w/c May 22/17 – YTD first dates 34

Was away in Ibiza from Thursday onward so did quite well to squeeze in 3 dates in the 3 available days of the week. Two of them were first dates and one second date with the separated guy from the previous week.

First date – Mon 22nd May – Tinder (6:30pm): Staked two dates on Monday in order to meet my weekly quota. Ended up running a bit late to this date but the guy took that time to find a nice sunny beer garden.  When I arrived he got up from his chair to greet me and instructed me to sit there as that was the sunnier spot, which I thought was really sweet.  He asked me what I wanted and promptly got up to get me the drink.  He was on the younger end of my age range but very sweet and made me laugh with his funny stories.  Unfortunately 30mins into the date my next date texted to inform me he had arrived early to our agreed venue so I had to wrap things up. Even though I arrived 15 minutes late and departed in 40 mins he still asked me out for another date.

First date – Mon 22nd May – Tinder (7:40pm):  When I match with this guy I was quite excited, his profile ticked a lot of boxes.  His pictures weren’t great but he said he looked better in person and when we had spoken on the phone his voice sounded very sexy.  However, things had gone downhill since our telephone conversation, he had failed to lock me down for a date over the phone and then had attempted several last minute date requests.  Many of these requests were laughable, one requesting to meet in 6 hrs time, but asking me to get drunk beforehand as he would be out drinking with his mates until the suggested meeting time.  One talking about having a pimple on his face, but he would squeeze me in rather than the pimple. Anyway, when I’d just about given up on this man he finally asked me three days in advance for a Monday, given how long he had taken to get there I decided to stack him rather than try the silly scheduling game again. Even though it was a lovely sunny day he picked an indoor sports bar near my work to meet at. That too was done grudgingly when I declined his generous invite for me to come to just outside his office. He was waiting outside and looked worse than his worst online picture, so I actually walked past him without realising it was him.  He greeted me by coming way into my personal space and when we got inside the empty bar he said something about how I had mentioned I don’t drink so he would get me a tea.  I don’t recall saying any such thing, but since he wasn’t offering alcohol I said I’d have a soda water.  He then decided to claim he was kidding and got me a glass of Prosecco which was tepid. It was undrinkable and I mentioned it, which didn’t prompt any action from him so I sat there frowning until he realised he was meant to fix the problem and called over a waitress.  He then asked the waitress if the Prosecco was really tepid which was really annoying and touched the new glass after I approved of the temperature.  The waitress apologised and said the new bar staff hadn’t put the bottle into the fridge properly so they opened a fresh one.  My date just raised his eyebrows.

Even before I’d been provided an appropriate beverage, he had commenced informing me of  how great he was but used the f-word and other foul language in every sentence he spoke.  He told me about how much money he had saved in this bank after purchasing his 2 bed flat in London zone 3.  I’m not sure why so many men need to inform me in such grotesque detail about their earnings and financials.  I’m rarely impressed and I’ve discovered the truly rich value their wealth and privacy too much to brag about it.  Normally when men ask me if I rent or own I say I rent so as not to intimidate my dates.  However, this guy was getting me so annoyed that when he asked I just said I owned.  He already knew which area I lived in so the probability was the property I owned was more expensive than his.  This clearly didn’t not fit his I’m the best you can get narrative so he completely blanked this information and proceeded to talk to me like I rented and didn’t appreciate how much of an achievement owning a property in London was.  I wasn’t finished my drink before he ordered a second for himself, so I ended up spending a little over an hour with him.  When I left I knew I wanted nothing to do with this guy.  He texted me later that evening stating, “hope you made it home or to your next date ok” if he only knew.

Second date – Wed 24th May – Tinder:  This was the nervous separated guy from the week before.  While I wasn’t overly impressed with our first date he asked me nicely for a second so I accepted.  I’m glad I did as he planned a lovely date that included a lobster dinner and bubbly wine.  He was more relaxed on this date and really good company.  He talked about all the lovely dates he wanted to take me on and couldn’t wait to plan them with me. I agreed to it all but wasn’t sure if it was fair to continue letting him take me out given I was pretty certain he wasn’t the one.  But it was a great finish to my work week before my girls weekend in Ibiza.

The hindsight of writing this blog post two month after the fact is I can provide the update on all three of my dates.  The really sweet young guy organized to see me again the next week at my favourite local pub.  However he didn’t read my message around timing properly and picked too early a time to meet and didn’t respond well to my need to delay.  I also missed my bus on my way so was running late again and instead of calling to ask where I was he simply texted me 15mins post our meeting time that he had left the pub and gone home.  Needless to say I was unimpressed and we never saw each other again.

While, I had no intention of seeing the rude guy from Monday again I did receive a chaser “??” to the earlier text and then a few weeks later a message on Tinder asking “Do you sport fuck”, I had already picked up from his behaviour that I wasn’t his dream girl and he was looking for a cheap lay, why he thought I’d actually respond positively to this is beyond me.

Separated guy sent me a few sweet messages after our date, but none asked me for another date.  On my return from Ibiza, I responded to his latest message stating I had a lovely break.  He promptly informed me that he was now “seriously” seeing someone so he could not see me again.  It only goes to show you never listen to what men say, but watch their actions.  He had said to me on our first date that he didn’t multi date and he liked me and was going to keep dating me.  Yet within 2 weeks of seeing me he had found someone else to commit to, which didn’t quite reconcile with his words.  Well it saved me from letting him down gently so no harm done.

Thanks for reading,

Dating Diva xx


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