This blog is about my dating journey following the Rules.  Often when people hear I follow the rules they find it objectionable.  So I include this quote from a rules coach Lynda Love as it articulates my perspective on this.

“People will try to tell you The Rules is nothing more than playing games. Is it a game to be kind, feminine, sweet and compassionate? To never tell a man what to do or try to make him love you? To be in flow with the laws of the universe as you move into a state of allowing: allowing him to be who he is, to ask you on dates if he wishes to see you again, to quietly walk away with your pride intact if you feel his disinterest? Is it a game to take it slowly and protect your heart? Never feel you need to explain why you’ve chosen this better way for you. You’re living the benefits of it every day with your healthier dating experience or relationship.” Lynda Love, Rules dating and relationship coach.